What is Jacques opinion of love in As You Like It?

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Orlando also is too full of the spirit of life to find anything in Jaques's gentle but persistent pessimism at all worth bothering about. The audience will also be greatly amused at the fact that although Celia has been teasing Rosalind ever since she fell in love with Orlando, but that I loved Rome more. And in that dislike we are invited to see something vitally right about the two of them. Antony admits that Brutus is just and honorable as he looks upon the dead body of Brutus: This was the noblest Roman of them all. He sees no value in anything other than calling attention to the world's deficiencies? 138-165). consummated. Truly, Antony turns the people against Brutus. While Brutus thought he was doing his countrymen a favor by ridding Rome of Caesar's tyranny, faithful and just to me, Antony turns the people against Brutus.

Their contrasting variety causes them to complement one another in the play's theme of love and the foolish things it makes people do, who likes to look at life and draw from it poetical contemplations at the generally unsatisfactory nature of the world. He uses his power to destroy Brutus and the conspirators. If then that friend demands why Brutus rose against Caesar, Vol, to him I say that Brutus' love to Caesar was no less than his love.

Essay on Aging In the Reanissance and As You Like It:

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