Niche Marketing And Customer Involvment

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Instead of giving money the employer might provide: cars health insurance free uniform discounted products first class travel It is often cheaper for the employer to provide goods rather than the money to buy them with. For example, pension schemes. Here are some examples why: Motivated workers are more productive and higher productivity usually means higher profits. Motivator Something that encourages an employee to work. Rational Expectations: where decisions are based on current information and anticipated future events? Instead of giving money the employer might provide: cars health insurance free uniform discounted products first class travel It is often cheaper for the employer to provide goods rather than the money to buy them with.

Abraham Maslow developed his hierarchy of needs based on research about what motivates people to work. A loyalty bonus can be used to persuade workers to stay with their employer for a long period of time. Mass marketing This is the total opposite to that of niche marketing, insurance schemes or discounted goods Motivation The desire to do a job well. Staff who are well motivated are more likely to stay with the company. Its primary aim is to enable businesses to meet the needs of their actual and their potential customers and should be able to: It is very important to understand the needs and wants of customers.

As the World Banks ranks India 142nd out of 189 economies for ease of doing business, each level being more important than the one below it.

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E-Marketing: Essential to Raise Customer Satisfaction and Build Brand Loyalty

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